The Success of Your Store Is In The Details

When you've got a tricky problem, store migration, or aren't sure how to tackle launching your store, you need a Shopify developer who is willing to dig in and deliver on their promises. 


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When you start to look for a Shopify developer to either migrate your existing e-commerce store, or build it from the ground up, you’re faced with a sea of options. Browsing through dozens of sites like ours can be overwhelming, and often doesn’t yield information to help you make the right decision. We've been focused entirely on Shopify development since 2014. Take a gander at our expert listing.



Most small businesses can leverage existing Shopify premium themes to avoid investing in custom development. While most people associate using a theme as a base for their site with "cookie cutter design," our team is capable of using existing themes as the base layer, and tailoring them to beautifully represent your brand. 



For medium to large sized companies, custom Shopify theme development may be the optimal approach to give you absolute control over the user experience and checkout process. We find that our existing Shopify Plus customers get the most use out of custom theme development. If you're looking for a custom theme, we've got the track record and experience to build something completely unique for your business.


For The Love Of Kansas City


Love Letters was an anomaly when they approached us for a site concept: a small, bootstrapped company with an incredible eye for graphic design, photography, and sales in a single brick and mortar location. 

Over the course of two months we helped them materialize their first online store and later, double their online audience and sales through Facebook advertising.

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A Spice To Change The World


Rumi approached us to transition their eCommerce site from SquareSpace to Shopify in anticipation of a re-brand. On SquareSpace the company looked incredible, but there was a lack of unity when users visited their online store. 

Our task was to bring the two portions of the site together, while incorporating the revised look and feel of Rumi's brand. 

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Social Media Ad Campaigns

For the right companies, social media campaigns can dramatically impact revenue. We work with and manage the entire social media ad strategy (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Adwords) for a handful of companies and existing clients. Our ad services package include design, copyrighting, optimization, and constant market research. 

App Development Consultation

Depending on the size of your company, you may have a need that can't be fulfilled by an existing, consumer grade app available on the Shopify app store. If that's the case, you're likely commissioning custom app development. Over the past two years, we've worked with numerous app developers on large scale custom development projects. This makes us a great partner if you need assistance in defining app scope, or a representative for your company during the Shopify app development process.

E-mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing has always been the sleeping giant of revenue for online stores. Most companies ignore it either out of intimidation or in favor of social media advertising. In reality, e-mail campaigns should be tailored to complement your social media strategy, and work seamlessly with your store data. We're experienced in setting up, configuring, and running automated e-mail marketing campaigns on Shopify's top e-mail marketing provider, Klaviyo. 

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