We’re small, but strong

The best processes are those that give your project the time it needs. From concept, to design, and development, we keep our project teams and pipeline small so that our focus is on your project.


Theme development


Custom Shopify theme development is the optimal approach to give you absolute control over the user experience, and is appropriate for enterprise level stores. If you're looking for a custom theme, we've got the track record and experience to build something completely unique for your business.

Loft is a theme we recently developed and launched on the Shopify Theme Store. If you'd like a custom theme to represent your brand and unique product offering, reach out.

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For the love of your home


Kate & Laurel is a successful, multi-channel ecommerce merchant that had an interest in developing their own unique sales channel on Shopify. Their migration involved a deep assessment of how the brand communicates their sense of style, quality products, and dedication to improving the quality of customers’ home environments.

We designed, developed, and assisted in the integration of their existing technology with Shopify’s infrastructure.

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A Spice To Change The World


Rumi approached us to transition their eCommerce site from SquareSpace to Shopify in anticipation of a re-brand. On SquareSpace the company looked incredible, but there was a lack of unity when users visited their online store. 

Our task was to bring the two portions of the site together, while incorporating the revised look and feel of Rumi's brand. 

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Social Media Ad Campaigns

For the right companies, social media campaigns can dramatically impact revenue. We work with and manage the entire social media ad strategy (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Adwords) for a handful of companies and existing clients. Our ad services package include design, copyrighting, optimization, and constant market research. 

E-mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing has always been the sleeping giant of revenue for online stores. Most companies ignore it either out of intimidation or in favor of social media advertising. In reality, e-mail campaigns should be tailored to complement your social media strategy, and work seamlessly with your store data. We're experienced in setting up, configuring, and running automated e-mail marketing campaigns on Shopify's top e-mail marketing provider, Klaviyo. 

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Note: our services start at $10,000.