Why We’re Selective About Our Shopify Clients

Shopify design, development and launch are full of challenges. We only partner with store owners & entrepreneurs who are prepared to take the risks and challenges of developing an eCommerce website in stride.

Have you ever had a doctors appointment scheduled weeks in advanced (first thing in the morning, of course)? You were up late the night before, the kids need to be picked up from school early, and you roll out of bed feeling sick - later than you’d planned. The drive to the doctor is stressful. You're new to this office, there’s traffic, and when you think you’ll just barely make it in time, you get pulled over for speeding through a school zone.

You’re officially late.

You call the doctor’s office, but they tell you that you’ll need to reschedule, despite your pleading.

This is what developing a website is like. More specifically, this is what designing, developing, and launching an eCommerce website is like. Regardless of the platform you choose. Regardless of the partner you choose. It doesn’t matter how expert the team you partner with is, or how in-depth their questions are: there will always be unforeseen circumstances, feature requests that weren’t communicated properly, and misunderstandings. Setbacks.

We understand that and because we look at all of our client relationships like partnerships, it’s important that our partners understand the road we’re setting off on together. There will be times when you don’t deliver the information we require in a timely manner. There will be times you don’t make decisions fast enough, or tell us all of your requirements when we set out. There will be times when certain features, or the entire development of your site, takes longer than expected. One of us might even get hit by a car, delaying your launch (well, let’s hope not).

It’d be easier for us to adopt the approach of the doctor, who, without much wiggle room cancels your appointment (but still charges you for his time) at the first setback.

Partnerships don’t work that way.

We’ve found that for the right clients, we’re willing to do whatever we need to to make sure they end up with an incredible Shopify experience that fully embodies their brand. On the flip side, we’re less inclined to pull all nighters and bust our butts for people that can’t or don’t treat the people they pay for help like equals.

And that’s the most important distinction to make about why we’re selective when it comes to our Shopify partners: we have zero interest in being treated like your employee.

All of the above is why we go through several rounds of conversations before we present a client with a proposal. We’re not a good fit for everyone - but we’re an incredible fit, for the right people. We want to make sure we like you, as much as you like us. And to make sure you’re not completely crazy-pants before we spend the next three months working together.

Interested in working together? If you’ve got an awesome attitude, a sexy brand, and a need for an eCommerce store - we’d love to chat.